Travel Notebook

A Restful and Restorative Retreat Nestled in the Himalayas

As we start venturing out into the world again, your clients deserve restful, restorative retreats that will wash away the woes of 2020. Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel, Nepal is a special sort of place that can do just that. Designed and dedicated to the wellbeing of body and mind, the resort embraces the holistic lifestyle of the Himalayas and makes the perfect post-COVID escape.

Informed by Mother Nature, Buddhist culture, Vedic scriptures and other ancient healing philosophies, Dwarika’s Resort offers guests mental peace and physical relaxation in spaces that are designed to be close to nature, bringing the outdoors in. While preventative health measures are always in place, Dwarika’s inherent features enhance one’s natural immunity. Here are some of the ways your clients will benefit:

  • Relaxing peacefully in the seclusion of the hills of Dhulikhel. 

Set on its own in 25 expansive and beautiful acres, Dwarika’s offers guests a safe feeling of seclusion, while not being cut off from the resort. Guests may safely explore the vast grounds, which have been planted with special flora with vedic properties to cleanse the air of toxins and build natural immunity. All resort staff now reside at the resort, minimizing outdoor exposure. In addition, the all-suite resort allows only its paying guests on the property. 

  • Practicing yoga and meditation. 

Dwarika’s staff recognizes the limitless benefits of yoga and meditation, shown to increase mind-body awareness, promote physical movement and cultivate acceptance of one’s thoughts, emotions and sensations. This focus on one’s inner self is of particular importance in a post-COVID world. Yoga and its conscious pranayama breathing practices, as well as non-medical mudra therapy, can offer relief from long months of heightened stress and increase mental clarity. Guests are encouraged to participate in the resort’s complimentary yoga and meditation sessions on the peaceful resort grounds. 

  • Healing and meditating in the Himalayan Rock Salt House and Rock Crystal House.

Dwarika’s is proud of its Himalayan Rock Salt House, made up on 20 tons of Himalayan rock salt crystals. Guests may take advantage of Earth’s purest form of salt, containing more than 80 important minerals known for their nutritional and healing properties, from curing skin allergies to releasing negative energies. Guests suffering from asthma or hay fever will especially benefit from the air within the salt room. Similarly, guests can spend time in the Himalayan Rock Crystal House, good for aura cleansing and releasing negative energies. 

  • Cleansing of the five elements with an Ayurveda doctor.

Dwarika’s in-house Ayurveda doctor can guide guests through simple daily activities to cleanse the body’s five elements: water, earth, fire, air and space. They will suggest practices such as storing and drinking water using the copper glass provide in the suite, trying out earthen activities like pottery and farming, joining a pranayama breathing class and visiting the zero-zone terrace and swing area. 

  • Dining on organic, farm-to-table fare. 

Guests dine decadently and healthfully on fresh, wholesome food harvested from the resort’s own Eco-Organic Farm. The chef creates culinary delights using these local, organic ingredients, adding to the body’s natural immunity. Guests are welcome to visit the farm and get involved in some of the farming activities. 

  • Consulting with an Ayurveda doctor. 

Dwarika’s Resort guests each receive a complimentary half-hour consultation with the in-house Ayurveda doctor. This comprehensive wellness consultation evaluates the doshas (flaws) within the body, determining one’s constitution and allowing for a more personalized wellness and diet program.

  • Relaxing throughout the resort.  

Throughout Dwarika’s Resort, there are several areas to relax, read a book or meditate – perfect spaces to zone out of the chaos of today’s world and go within to rebalance one’s energy. Guests are free to enjoy:

    • Nava Graha, Nine Planets Garden: The Nine Planets Garden captures the vibrant cosmic energies of the celestial bodies through the combination of trees, bushes and varieties of grass, which are specific to each force. This garden helps to counteract the difficulties that come from the dominant influence of these bodies and gives protection from such forces.
    • Barefoot Meadow: Carpeted by thatch grass, the meadow is a wonderful place to sit and take in the beautiful outdoors. Earth exudes potent energy and when one connects with it when barefoot, free electrons from the Earth can be absorbed by our body. This energy can nourish your body, mind, and soul, a concept called Earthing. 
    • Meditation Maze: Surrounded by 84 Shiva Lingas, the cosmic pillar that represents the infinite nature of Lord Shiva, the meditation maze is a synergy of spiritual power and nature. It is best experienced early morning, right after sunrise. It’s recommended that guests go barefoot to feel the fresh grass floor within the maze. 
    • Chakra Sound Therapy Chambers: The chakras refer to the seven points within our bodies where our energy flows. The resort features seven chakra sound chambers, dedicated to each of the chakra. Each guest’s Ayurveda consultation will give a clear picture of which chakra is overactive and start the process of balancing through meditation in each of the chakra chambers. 


  • Exploring by private helicopter. 

For guests wanting a little something extra, The Dwarika’s Resort, Dhulikhel can arrange for a private helicopter excursion, including the immensely popular breakfast on Everest tour. There is no need to battle the chaos of the airport, thanks to the resort’s own helipad. 

  • Hiking in the nearby hillside in view of the Himalayas.

The area within and beyond the resort presents various opportunities for gentle hiking and exploring the beauty and splendor of rural life in the Himalayan foothills. Guests may choose to discover numerous trails and forest glades, along with a community forest that is home to a rich diversity of plants, including rhododendrons, chrysanthemums, orchids and medicinal herbs. Bird and butterfly watching is popular here, as well.

  • Learning a new skill.

The resort offers several in-house activities to keep guests active and occupied during their visit. Some of the most popular activities are pottery, painting and cooking. Guests may visit the pottery center and try their hand at this healing and traditional craft, under the guidance of the in-house pottery master. A resident art master is available to guide painting and drawing sessions. For those interested in cooking, Chef Pramod will offer a class in the kitchen, where guests can learn useful tips for use in their daily life. Class participants are encouraged to walk in the garden beforehand to select fresh vegetables and herbs for their cooking experience.

For healing, health, peace and mindfulness, Dwarika’s Resort is a true gem. Especially attuned to the needs of today’s guests, who need seclusion and the room to re-enter the world in a fresh headspace. The resort offers the rare opportunity to get away from it all, while delving deep inside oneself. We’d be happy to introduce you to the Dwarika’s Resort team – connect with us today.