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Traveling Through Turkey by Car: Curated Road Trips by Sea Song

Alacati Town – Turkey

No other type of travel allows for the flexibility and freedom that a road trip does. Yet, as enticing as it can be to simply hit the open road in search of authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences, the very best road trips do require some advance planning. As we move into a post-pandemic world, the road trip will likely remain popular for quite some time – and with that, the expansion of road trip offerings from upscale destination specialists. Enter Sea Song, our partner and experts for travel to Turkey. 

Bicycle Experience in Alacati – Turkey

Sea Song has crafted a collection of full-service road trips for well-heeled travelers seeking to once again explore Europe in an original and immersive manner. These carefully curated trips, with driver and guide service, take you to the “real” Turkey, the countryside you may not see on a cruise shore excursion or a packaged tour. You’ll stop and explore small towns, enjoy wine tastings with local vineyard owners and access sites throughout the country that aren’t typically available to the mainstream tourist. Full days of private sightseeing are included, the dining options are chosen with care and the accommodations are the best available, intended to make you feel like you’re relaxing at the home of a dear friend after a day on the road.

Ayvalik Cooking Class –  Turkey

We asked Karen Fedorko Sefer, Founder and CEO of Sea Song Tour, what inspired the road trip collection: 

What inspired you to create and launch the road trip itineraries?

Our clients are asking for Turkey itineraries with fewer flights, but that still offer authentic countryside experiences.  Hence, the road trip collection was born. 

What makes traveling through Turkey on a road trip different from anything clients will have experienced before?

Our clients on road trips will have the opportunity to interact with the locals and understand how they live and enjoy their life. They will taste the local cuisine, wines, olive oils and other regional specialties. They will visit important sites that are not visited often as they are difficult to get to, like Ancient Troy. The areas we have chosen for our road trips are uncrowded and the boutique hotels we have selected feel like home. Instead of offering a standard bucket list item, the road trip offers the chance for an unforgettable and immersive adventure through the countryside with carefully selected, full-day private sightseeing itineraries.

Ancient Troy – Turkey

What will clients encounter if they book a road trip?

Road-tripping clients can spend a day with local vineyard owners, touring the facilities and tasting some unique wines. They may meet farmers who have been producing olive oil since the 1800s and will learn about the different tastes and how they are produced. They can take a cooking class at a local farm, where an excellent chef from Istanbul has made a new home in nature within the olive trees and next to the seaside. And, they can meet the hospitable people that run the boutique hotels and enjoy the special surprises they have in store for the guests. During the entire road-trip experience, guests are accompanied by our carefully selected guides. These individuals come to feel like friends during the course of the trip, sharing their knowledge of local wine, cuisine, history and tradition. They truly bring the adventure to life. 

Should a road trip be combined with other experiences in Turkey?

Absolutely. Generally we start with 3 to 4 nights in Istanbul prior to the 4- to 5- night road trip. We can also add days after the road trip, such as stays at our seaside resorts – Bodrum, in particular – or visits to other Turkey locations.

Balloon Ride – Cappadocia

We’ve pulled a few highlights from Sea Song’s Istanbul to Cappadocia and Istanbul to Izmir road trips. Use these to entice your clients who are ready and willing to get back out into the world – these safe, carefully planned, fully supported road trips are just the ticket to getting the most out of a vacation in Turkey. 

  • Exploring Eskisehir, including a boat trip on the Porsuk River and a private sightseeing day, with a stop at the Odunpazari Modern Museum 
  • Wading in Salt Lake, which is barely a foot deep, but leaves behind a thick crust of salt during the dry summer months 
  • Visiting the Agzıkarahan Caravanserai, one of the greatest achievements of the Anatolian Seljuks 
  • Marveling at the Kaymakli Underground City, carved by early Christians and reaching eight levels below ground 
  • Driving through the Zelve Valley, where you’ll stop at the Zelve Open Air Museum to see its impressive fairy chimneys and cave town 
  • Wandering through the pretty town of Avanos, a center for pottery artisans on the banks of the Red River
  • Visiting the picturesque village of Mustafapasa, a perfectly preserved Greek village in the heart of Anatolia
  • Hot-air balloon rides and ATV adventures in Cappadocia 
  • Exploring Ancient Troy
  • Dining on fresh seafood in the island town of Cunda
  • Touring Pergamum, the Acropolis and The Library of Pergamum 
  • Shopping with the locals at the Alacati Bazaar and Farmers Market and meeting the villagers who bring their produce, textiles and accessories to sell
Ancient Ephesus – Turkey

Go beyond typical Turkey with a Sea Song curated, full-service road trip. For current Turkey entry requirement information and safe travel protocols with Sea Song please send an email to [email protected]. Should you have any questions or would like to learn more, please be in touch and we can connect you with the experts at Sea Song.