Sustainable Initiatives

The Rebecca Recommends team is privileged to travel extensively and experience first-hand the positive impact of sustainable travel on countries where tourism is a key driver for economic growth. We are fortunate to work with several hotel clients who endeavor to improve the tourism experience, whilst enhancing the economic, social, and environmental well-being of their communities.

Travel advisors have a unique opportunity to affect dramatic, positive change by influencing both business supply and traveler demand. Advisors and travelers alike increasingly seek to work with hotels that share their values of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Please visit this LINK and take a moment to review several of the Rebecca Recommends hotel clients’ sustainability efforts that bring attention to the importance of their practices. The aim of this document is to share our clients’ endeavors with you and in turn, these initiatives can be integrated into your future client conversations. 

By adding these sustainability projects to hotel sales, advisors can support the properties, add value to their client’s experience, and start to spark traveler awareness of traveling for good.


Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism has a variety of definitions, but the overarching definition recognizes positive support for 3 pillars: cultural heritage, the environment, and local economy.

Sustainability Key

Within each hotel spotlight, you will discover the property’s sustainability initiatives and long-term goals represented by icons. There will also be a brief explanation of one specific sustainability project that encapsulates the story of the place or outlines an effort the hotel is most proud of.

Sustainability Icons

Sustainability is an ongoing effort that requires continuous attention, trial, and amendment in order to achieve lasting and positive impact. These icons represent efforts that support the short-and long-term sustainability goals of our hotel partners.

Diversity & Inclusion

The hotel promotes diversity and inclusion within the workforce.

Cultural Preservation

The hotel takes actions towards preserving the local culture.

Native Cuisine The hotel serves cuisine native to its country.
Community Involvement The hotel is involved in local community projects that support the needs of the local people.
Water Conservation The hotel makes an effort to conserve, measure and/or monitor the water consumption.
Waste Management The hotel makes an effort to reduce, measure and/or monitor waste consumption.

Energy Management

The hotel makes an effort to reduce, measure and/or monitor energy consumption.

Responsible Sourcing

The hotel prioritizes local, bulk, or fairtrade purchasing.

Carbon Reduction

The hotel strives to be carbon neutral by eliminating, reducing, or off-setting their carbon footprint.

Plastic Reduction

The hotel strives to be plastic-free by eliminating, reducing, or repurposing its plastic products.

Local Hires

The hotel prioritizes local hires.

Local Economic Support

Hotel revenue is donated to local projects, or the hotel’s finances remain predominantly in the host country.

Local Supply Chain

The hotel prioritizes local suppliers.

Local Artisans

 The hotel supports local artists or designers by showcasing or purchasing their work.

Take a look at how these properties are promoting responsible, sustainable tourism – Our Properties’ Sustainable Initiatives.