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Welcome to my very own selection of hotels and travel services for the discerning traveler who values authentic experiences.

My love affair with luxury travel started when I was very little. As the daughter of a passionate hotelier, I was familiar with all the nooks and corners of hotels from a young age. I spent my teenage years exploring every facet of running a luxury hotel – from the housekeeping department to the front desk. I was also privileged to travel to remarkable destinations and to be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and sceneries.

These unique experiences have fashioned who I am today. They have defined my passion for luxury travel, which I want to share with you at Rebecca Recommends.

My client list showcases an eclectic mix of luxury hotels, residences and services from the United Kingdom and around the world. I want to work with like-minded people who believe that service is at the heart of our craft. In a world where truly good service seems harder to find, a real desire to serve and exceed people’s expectations is so important. Service that is genuine and heartfelt will always be remembered.

I think smaller is beautiful, and I love to work with owners or managers who are personally invested in their businesses, care for people and plan for longevity in their company. It is extremely fulfilling to recommend the amazing hotels and destination service specialists that we work with and instill enthusiasm about new or unknown destinations. It is a thrill to share local treasures – like a little known pub, a quirky gallery, an adventurous outdoor activity or a spontaneous visit to a private home.

Today Rebecca Recommends is one of the leading luxury travel representation companies in the United States. I am pleased to give back to an industry that continually brings so much to my life.

Rebecca Slater, Founder