Thank you for a wonderful week of sales calls. After 15 years in business, this was my first sales trip to the West Coast. The level of advisors I met, their enthusiasm for our product and the insight they offered were beyond my expectations.   The schedule was perfect and I appreciate the hard work your team to create a seamless itinerary, especially accounting for the unknown factor of Bay Area traffic.   This was a terrific follow up to the Texas sales trip we did earlier this year with Rebecca Recommends and I look forward to a Southern USA sales trip in 2020.

Eric J. Gordon

EVP of Business Development

Beyond Times Square


Thank you ~ for putting us in touch with and together with amazing service providers such as Ventours & RC. I already know that Rebecca Recommends only reps a special type of vendor/client…one that delivers what she delivers herself…quality in all aspects.

Barbara Windett

Travel Concierge

Travel Experts


The beauty of a Rebecca Recommends connection is that the door is always open for more dialog, more support, more enlightenment, and more assistance.   You do what you do very well.

Nancy Porthan

Travel Advisor

Noble Travel


Rebecca chooses with extreme care those she recommends – a veritable treasure trove of interesting and varied clients, the finest one could hope to find under one roof. A mix of both world famous and less known, they are each guaranteed to be the finest in their field – her enthusiasm and commitment to them is something not commonly found. But Rebecca herself is the real gem – honest, charismatic, clever, totally reliable, competent, supremely professional – and great fun to have on a FAM trip!

Patricia Schultz


1,000 Places to See Before You Die