Rebecca chooses with extreme care those she recommends – a veritable treasure trove of interesting and varied clients, the finest one could hope to find under one roof. A mix of both world famous and less known, they are each guaranteed to be the finest in their field – her enthusiasm and commitment to them is something not commonly found. But Rebecca herself is the real gem – honest, charismatic, clever, totally reliable, competent, supremely professional – and great fun to have on a FAM trip!

Patricia Schultz


1,000 Places to See Before You Die


Having just returned from a Ventours FAM trip to Sri Lanka, I am extremely impressed. Ventours delivered in a smooth and seamless way that would make other companies envious. Sri Lanka is an incredible destination and Ventours makes it even more fantastic. My India clients were very pleased with their trip and now I can see why: Ventours seems to love details since they do not miss one! They are also very connected in India, Bhutan and Nepal.

Pam Wilson

Associate Agent

Valerie Wilson Travel


The Kindermans just returned from what they said was the most amazing trip of a lifetime! They loved all the properties you recommend and loved, loved OddFellows – ‘It was the most amazing place I’ve ever stayed in my life. The kids just loved the Alice in Wonderland chairs hanging from the ceiling and we fell in love with the location and the people within the property. We would highly recommend the cool/hip place for people who appreciate quirky humor and lively properties.’ Chester was her favorite place and she wants to return again one day. Thank you, Rebecca, for all your recommendations and for helping me plan out such a wonderful trip for this family. You’re the best!

Sherrie Coffey

Travel Advisor

Brownell Travel


When our advisors are planning trips and searching for hotels with terrific character, fantastic service and luxurious accommodations, they look to Rebecca Slater and her team of professionals at Rebecca Recommends to find the perfect options for our discerning travelers.  Rebecca also can recommend amazing destination service companies to take care of our travelers – assisting our agents in planning the trips and then assisting our clients when they are in-country. We know that Rebecca and her team always ensure our clients are truly VIP’d and that their trips will be flawless. She is a trusted source for our entire agency!

Gene Lashley & Peter Lloyd

Century Travel, a Worldview Travel Company