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A Nomadic India Immersion (in Total Luxury)

It’s not often I have so much to say about a destination I’ve yet to visit, and have so far only dreamed of, but The Ultimate Traveling Camp is simply begging to be talked about. There is, quite simply, nothing like it … this opportunity to experience a nomadic lifestyle in the rugged mountains, deserts and jungles of India, yet with all the creature comforts of an ultra-luxe stay. The very essence of the camp speaks to my love of the mountains and escaping to a truly remote part of the earth. Every detail is attended to, and you’ll arrive in each of TUTC’s individual camps just in time for celebrations and festivals in that region, giving one a wonderful sense of place and a singular chance to soak in the rich culture of a brand new place.

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We’ve all heard the term “glamping” – this is it. As you journey through untrammeled countryside and unexplored rural surroundings, you’ll be introduced to different adventures in carefully selected and exceptional locations. By day, raft down the River Indus or visit local temples and monasteries … by night, sink into your plush bedroom tent, with its romantic four-poster bed and tasteful camp furniture, equipped with modern conveniences, and reflect on the fortune that led you to this blessed moment.

Three distinct camp experiences make up The Ultimate Traveling Camp:

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Chamba Camp, Thiksey is surrounded by myriad landscapes, from clear blue lakes to jagged snow-capped peaks to lush valleys. The camp lies in the shadows of the famed Thiksey Monastery and you’ll hear chanted prayers hanging in the breeze. The camp exists seamlessly with the Thiksey village community – many residents have various jobs within the campsite and share their traditional, local knowledge to make the guest experience as authentic as possible. Thiksey guests are invited to traditional dance performances highlighting Ladakh folklore, to the excitement of a Ladakh polo match and on village exploration walks, followed by a séance with the village oracle.

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Rebecca Recommends’ Carla Malachowski was fortunate enough to experience Chamba Camp, Diskit – Ladakh, last September. Set in the Nubra Valley, the camp’s tents are set just enough away from the bustling city center, with views of the expansive valley, lush fields and dramatic Hunder sand dunes. In order to arrive at camp, guests will travel along the Khardung La, considered to be the world’s highest motorable road. Attend a solemn prayer ceremony at the Diskit Monastery, cycle through the mountains, head out on safari on a double-humped Bactrian camel.

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The third camp, Kohima Camp Nagaland, is set in India’s Seven Sisters region. Nagaland is a picturesque state of rolling hills, verdant rain forests and home to the 16 proud tribes of the Naga people. The camp in Kohima coincides with the ten-day Hornbill Festival – guests stay just 20 minutes away from the action, therefore allowing space and peace when desired, yet easy access to the famed festival of the Naga culture – a celebration of their cultural heritage, visible through elaborate costumes, ritualistic headdresses and symbolic accoutrements. Think wrestling, archery, a motor rally, a literary fest, chili-eating contests and pole-climbing competitions – raucous, to be sure, and an incredibly immersive way to experience a culture one may never have known existed.

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Perfect for celebrating an anniversary or milestone birthday, The Ultimate Traveling Camp is an extraordinary way to see another side of the world and to travel like the explorers of yesteryear – with today’s sensibilities. Such immersion in other cultures captures for me what travel is all about – to bring our world closer together. Contact us to work with our partner Ventours, who can easily arrange stays for you or your clients at TUTC. We look forward to introducing you to this immersive India experience.