Travel Notebook

The Fabulous Jewelry of Vipul Arts

I just treated myself to a couple more rings and earrings from my dear friend Vipul of Vipul Arts in Mumbai. After all, when in India …! I can’t gush enough about the jewelry at this lovely store in the Oberoi Shopping Arcade. Brother and sister team Nisha and Vipul Jain are young, vibrant and so talented. In fact, they were commissioned for make a piece for Victoria Beckham, have sold pieces to Beyoncé and have graced the cover of Vogue, Grazia and Verve. They even made the earrings I wore for my wedding.

The offbeat fine jewelry at Vipul Arts is a stunning blend of art and fashion, where trending looks meet more refined and traditional tastes. The team curates outstanding colored gemstones and designs a unique collection with talented metalsmiths and gem cutters. Crafting, as they do, exclusive pieces for movie stars and other celebrities, Vipul Arts aims to understand the need and expectation for each piece, resulting in an exquisite design that reflects each client’s personal fashion look.

Rest assured that every precious metal and gemstone used by Vipul Arts is obtained in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Everything from antique dull finish jewelry to contemporary high-polish pieces are part of their excellent collection, representing Victorian- and Edwardian-style jewelry, right on up to the latest trends in global fashion.

Vipul Arts travels to the US twice a year to host trunk shows so if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the cities they’re visiting, don’t miss it.