Travel Notebook

Helping Each Other Rebuild in the Caribbean

In light of the horrible destruction wrought by Hurricane Irma on the Caribbean region, we would like to let you know that our new partner, Curtain Bluff, was not adversely impacted. Thankfully, according to the staff, “Curtain Bluff sustained no damage and is still scheduled to reopen on October 28th as previously planned, following a six-month closure for renovation. We express our appreciation to our staff, local authorities and members of the community who went above and beyond in storm preparation efforts to protect the people of Antigua as well as the resort.”

Electricity was out for a brief time and a small area of vegetation and landscaping was impacted, but efforts are already underway to return the grounds to their previous state. In true Rebecca Recommends ethical travel style, Curtain Bluff is a Green Globe-certified resort and as such, we are confident they will be helping restore their communities and taking appropriate measures to protect their staff and property against similar natural disasters in the future. Read more about Green Globe members’ efforts to keep Antigua resilient in the face of Hurricane Irma.

At this time, Curtain Bluff is accepting donations toward storm relief and island rebuilding on their sister island of Barbuda through the Old Road Fund. Initially instituted to provide basic necessities to the local communities’ neediest families, the fund has now spent more than $1 million on various programs, everything from university scholarship assistance to medical relief to sports development. To donate at this time, please send checks payable to “Old Road Fund” to Old Road Fund, c/o LDPR, 72 Madison Avenue, Floor 8, New York, NY 10016. Thank you.